Learn how to support your body’s natural ability to heal, so you can experience freedom from pain, increased energy, improved hormone regulation, weight loss, and decreased risk of chronic disease.

This 5 part series on the Liver will help you achieve a greater understanding of how your whole body works together to keep you healthy.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Identify the key factors affecting your liver health and what conditions result from liver dysfunction

  • Understand the challenges the liver must manage in our current environment and identify the key needs of the liver in order to function optimally

  • Find ways to optimize your digestion and improve your gut microbiome

  • Learn which foods, teas, and supplements offer detoxification support, help renew the liver, and improve overall function

What's included in the course:

The course is broken down into 5 easily digestible modules. These modules have a 20-30 minute educational video presented by Jennifer Lyon, DO that is based on scientific research and extensive clinical experience regarding liver health and disease.  Also included are a workbook and a variety of resources such as recipes, cooking videos with Carol Bell, MS, RD, and shopping guides.   These courses are designed to help you implement what you learn right away.

Module 1

Better understand your liver as the powerhouse organ it is.

With more than 500 functions ranging from producing proteins, cholesterol and bile to storing vitamins, minerals and even carbohydrates for digestion, the liver also breaks down toxins and plays a major role in immune activity. Learn which health conditions are related to poor  liver function, how keeping your liver in good shape is essential for optimal health as well as understand the microbiome and how the digestive tract works in relation to your liver. 

Module 2

Understand all the challenges our livers must manage and detoxify in our current toxic environment.

We’re born with over 200 toxins in our umbilical cord and are exposed to over 700,000+ toxins every day. Your liver is the first shield of defense; it’s got a big job and you’ll learn how it works day in and day out.

Module 3

We’ll discuss the key needs of the liver: oxygen, hydration, and glucose.

Come away from this module understanding what each one of these means with applicable tools to meet your livers needs of these key nutrients. We’ll also dive into the role fat plays and how vegetables and fruit support liver function.

Module 4


In this module we’ll explore the use of specific research-supported supplements that heal and nourish the liver: spirulina, alpha-lipoic acid and barley grass are just a few of the super heroes.

Module 5

Medicinal Teas

In this final module we’ll look to nature and discover the healing power of medicinal teas and their use. You’ll learn: the best teas to support liver health, reduce inflammation, support detoxification, support healthy blood sugar levels and reduce pain.


  • Cooking & tea video demos with Carol Bell, MS RD.

  • Personal assessments to help you evaluate & dig deeper into your current health status.

  • Educational tools: the best products & resources to clean up your diet & lifestyle, food color chart, supplement guide.

Course Presenters


Jennifer Lyon, DO

A board-certified family practice physician, Dr. Lyon has a passion for nutrition and its ability to heal and prevent disease. Her functional medicine approach treats the root cause rather than just your symptoms. At Table Health, Dr. Lyon’s experience has led her to be able to diagnose and treat complex symptoms and medical issues. She works closely with a collective of functional medicine specialists to restore and maintain your health through nutrition, movement, and mental wellness. She values the opportunity to take the time to sit down with you and learn your health story in order to provide individualized care based on your past and present exposures, experiences, and genetic tendencies to help you achieve optimal health.

Registered Dietitian

Carol Bell, MS RD, LMT

I apply food strategies and use massage and bodywork techniques to treat the root cause of your health condition. By offering reassurance and guidance to make food and dietary changes I can help you transform your body and mind. Through the integration of massage, trigger point therapy, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, and visualization, I will support you in reaching optimal health.

Is this course right for you?

  • Do you have a health condition such as diabetes, blood sugar dysregulation, weight gain, hormone dysfunction, digestion concerns, autoimmune conditions, thyroid problems, allergies and asthma, skin conditions, poor energy, sleep trouble?

  • Do you want to experience increased energy levels, decreased pain, more restful nights, improved mental clarity, decreased medication use, freedom from chronic inflammation, and improved hormone levels?

  • Do you take ownership of your life and take the responsibility to get what you desire?

  • Are you empowered to learn and ready to make changes that result in true healing?

  • Have you tried a lot of different treatments aimed at minimizing symptoms or changing lab data bus still struggle with symptoms or disease?

  • Are you ready to make changes in your life that support your body's natural ability to heal?

If you answered YES to at least one, you will find value in this course.

What Participants Have to Say


“I was experiencing low energy, weight gain, hair loss, and fatigue. I made small changes to my diet, included some of the recommended teas, supplements, and foods, and have more energy and fewer cravings for junk food. But my biggest takeaway was connecting my symptoms to the root problem. So now I’m working on the root issue. I would definitely recommend this class to a friend looking for support. I especially liked the recipes and meal ideas and being able to understand why certain foods are helpful.”


“I took this course because I was dealing with Hashimoto’s and I simply wanted to learn more! It was such a great class! I loved all the visuals and it was so practical and informative - I learned food should be more colorful. As a result of implementing the protocols, I can feel that my emotions are steadier. I would absolutely recommend this class!”


“I decided to attend the class because I was facing a number of challenges having to do with my adrenal system, but also with my digestive health. Wow, I give this course a 10 out of 10!! Months later I still remember Dr. Lyon saying that she imagined celery juicing like a little fire hydrant, responsible for flushing out our systems. I try to lean into that whenever I drink celery juice. I loved learning about the benefits of tea, how they hydrate the body and add benefits like vitamins. As a result of adopting these practices and others mentioned in the training, my skin is clearer, I have less bloating, and... I feel less sluggish. I definitely recommend this class to anyone!”


  • What results can I expect?

    We are giving you a roadmap filled with strategies and tools to help you take charge of your life.  It is up to you how far you go and how quickly you reach your goals. You need to commit your mind and time to showing up, being present and applying the practices given to you.  We are confident you will learn something and gain much. Previous attendees have experienced less brain fog, more energy, a decrease in digestive symptoms, and an increase in immunity.

  • How much time do I need to devote to this?

    There are 5 modules led by Dr. Lyon, about 20 minutes each. The 5 cooking demos run by Carol Bell are about 5 minutes each.  Time spent in your workbook and utilizing all the tools you receive is up to you but expect about 5-30 minutes outside of the modules. The more time and energy you commit to implementing this into your life as a whole will have a huge impact on your end results.

  • How long will I have access to the program?

    You will have access to the programs as long as we offer it to the public. We recommend you save the files to your hard drive and request that you NEVER share your files with someone who has not purchased the program themselves.

  • Is there a money-back guarantee?

    Your satisfaction with the Liver Renew course is important to us. We will honor a 90-day partial refund (50%) if users can prove they have put in the work and have not gained any results from taking the course.

Independent Study:


On-demand access to the whole program including all the audio recordings, food demonstrations, recipes, handouts, and bonus material.